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Finding yourself without cash to fend for your family can be very daunting.

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" We are having only web based platform and doesn't ask customers to download any mobile app. Kindly connect us immediatly if any one ask to download any app on behalf of our company"

About Loan Prime

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We are a tech driven organization, constantly endeavouring to upgrade our services technologically, purely with the aim of providing a seamless borrowing experience to our customers. We carry out ethical lending processes whereby we calculate and lend that much to a customer which we believe he can easily pay back. We never want our customers to get themselves into a debt trap. Ours is a fully automated loan approval and disbursal process to enable our customers to avail funds within minutes. We understand that when the need for funds is urgent disbursal also should be carried out on an urgent basis. It is not fair to keep the customer in a state of suspended animation for long.

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Core benefits of our loan

Loan when you need it most

We ensure the loan reaches you just when you need it most. There is no undue stress because of delayed disbursal, or lack of communication.

Pay back when your need is over

When you are done with the loan you can immediately return it and save on your interest. This will be easy as we have no prepayment charges.

Avoid accumulating unnecessary interest.

As the tenure of these loans in short, you will not pile up any interest burden. We will help you manage your funds intelligently.

Increase your limit when you want

This is a kind of a line-of-credit wherein we keep increasing your limit depending on your repayment records So keep availing more and more funds


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What’s Clients Say

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William P. Harris

William P. Harris

Senior Manager

I have used a lot of loan platform for my emergency needs. Loan Prime has been a really good platform where they help you with utmost understanding of your situation and curate a loan where you have the bandwidth to pay for the same.

William P. Harris

Sangeetha N